Nov 1, 2007

Jedson Les Paul copy!

Beautiful Jedson Les Paul copy located. Thanks to Simon Edwards in the UK for the photos!

Several flame maple LP copies have also been located. Here's the most beautiful example:

Click here to see the entire gallery


paul said...

My first ever guitar was a Jedson Les Paul back in 1980. I sold a few years later and it passed between a few hands until I got it back in 2006. I don't play it as the neck is a bit twisted, but it's nice to have it back

Anonymous said...

So cute....Bought similar guitar from Guitar Center store at very reasonable price.....!

John said...

I live in the United Kingdom. I have owned a black Jedson Les Laul Copy for many years now. Chrome work has seen better days but it plays beautifully. I can be contacted:

Mark E said...

There have been several of these black Les Paul copies showing up on eBay. All are located in the UK. Some have been modified -- pickup change was the most common mod.

peter said...

I own a Black beauty Les Paul Jedson copy which have fitted with Gibson pickups and i also owned a lemon drop Deluxe Les Paul copy,the same as in your pictures.My deluxe had the 2 bolt on neck which ive heard is Fuji Gen and the Black Beauty has the Steel adjustable neck 4 bolt back plate which ive heard again is Matsumoku.Any thoughts?Ill try to post some photos at some point.

Mark E said...

There are several models of the Jedson LP.

This flame-maple version is a copy of the LP Custom.
It has a strange 3-piece flame-maple-looking back

But this flame-maple sample looks like it has a mahogany back

This black one has the LP Custom fingerboard inlays but not the headstock inlay. It also has body binding which the LP Standard does not have.

My conslusion: the builders of the Jedson LP copies was confused :-)

I have many more Jedson guitar photos I will add as soon as I pay my PBase fee so I can add more photos lol

Frank C said...

I just bought one of these Black Beauty Jedson LPs to. Nice instrument. It has had the pickups changed twice already, but I think I'll change them once more to get some more top.

mls300154 said...

I had a black and gold Jedson in the early 70s' Got the action way down despite a kinked kneck. lovely tones and have been searching for the same diversity of tones ever since. Epiphones don't match. I left home and sold it to have some money, the one real regret of my life

Anonymous said...

I have a Black Jedson Les Paul Copy with Silver Hardware. Its in Good Condition considering its age.
Might have to part with it soon. I will be sorry to see it go.
I have pictures if anyone is interested.