Sep 8, 2011

Jedson acoustic guitars made by Terada

My friend Ian Barker and I spent a lot of time investigating the makers of Jedson-branded acoustic guitars. It is blatently obvious that the guitars were made by Terada.

At least two, but probably more, Jedson models are identical to Terada models. Because of this,
I created a PBase gallery for the Terada acoustic guitar brand. I don't intend to let it grow to the point as the Jedson guitar sites.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
I'm not absolutely convinced that the 9000 is a Terada W-250, or indeed any kind of Terada. The wood grain on the side of the Terada is much lighter and more pronounced than on the 9000. The body binding also looks different. The 9000 looks so different from the other Jedsons that I suspect it may not be made by the same supplier.

Is it possible that the 9000 is a Yamaki, as you originally thought? Possibly a YW120 or a AY370S?