Sep 9, 2011

Updated site and blog design

You probably noticed that I cleaned up the blog site and altered the placement of some of the widgets. I also updated the main site .  I like a cleaner look with fewer graphics -- this should help in page load times.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.  I will make a few more updates, including adding more photos soon ...


Teddy Woolgrove said...

Hi, my name is Teddy and I'm 14, I was recently given a black Jedson Les Paul which needs a lot of repair and is apparently about 40 years old. It needs to be completely rewired, it needs a new dial, a new pickguard, a new jack and possibly needs to be re-fretted as they are very worn down. This is only my second guitar and I am very much looking forward to getting it to working order, unfortunately I cannot find a matching dial. As I'm only 14 I cannot afford many of the proper parts so it will probably look a bit make-do-and-mend. I will post a photo of the final result if I figure out how...

Mark Erlenmeyer said...

Hi Teddy. Thank you for posting your comments. The refret is a complicated and expensive job if you are unable to do it yourself -- not recommended. If you are handy at electronics wiring (soldering, etc) then the cost of rewiring is pretty low. The other parts such as the pickguard and output jack aren't overly expensive. I can post some links to good information for you, but I need to know how much you are able to do yourself. Thanks ...

Teddy Woolgrove said...

My dad and I should be able to do the rewiring and the output jack by ourselves. I am trying to get a pickguard and dial as close to the original as I can. As for the re-fret, I can't imagine I'd be able to do it properly so I shall take it down to the local guitar dealer, I will start saving as soon as I can.

Mark Erlenmeyer said...

Teddy, go here to see some photos of black Jedson LPs with original equipment.

Jedson LP

You will need a black LP pickguard. There are probably no Jedson pickguards available unless you can find one a guitar that has been completely ruined. If you live in the UK, then it might be possible.

I sometimes buy parts from because they have either genuine parts or exact-fitting replacements.
Here is a page of LP parts that will fit your guitar, including knobs, pickguard, output jack, wiring,

Les Paul parts

I suggest you do all the work and then see how it plays. Maybe you will find that the fret condition isn't really that bad.

Teddy Woolgrove said...

Thanks for the advise and pictures. The dials on the pictures are different from the three that were on my guitar and on mine the top two were tone and volume for top pickup and the bottom were the same but for the bottom pickup rather than both volume at the top and both tone at the bottom. I should be able to get the guitar up-and-running soon and I will send you picture when I do.

Mark Erlenmeyer said...

Teddy, I usually buy electronics parts here:
Guitar Electronics Co
They have just about anything you might need, including wiring diagrams -- see
All sorts of wiring diagrams

They have the classic LP wiring diagram as well as a few others. I used the Jimmy Page plan on one of my guitars -- it's pretty complicated though.

Mark Erlenmeyer said...

Go here for genuine LP wiring diagrams.

Gibson diagrams

I would use the original pickups if that is possible.

Anonymous said...


sorry that this post is in the wrong place but i tried sending you a comment on ur website but i dont think it worked, anyway..

i am contemplating buying a "jedson tele-style(c)" but i am abit worried about the lac of intonation adjustment on the bridge. with your experience in owning the guitar, hows the intonation on it? and do you think it would be possible to replace the original bridge with a gibson style "tune-o-matic" so i could adjust the intonation on it or would that just be a bad idea and mess up how the guitar plays?

thankyou :)

p.s. good job on the website :)

p.p.s. my email is

Mark Erlenmeyer said...

Most of the Jedson Tele-style guitars use the same configuration with the tremolo tailpiece, but there is a non-tremolo style also:
Non Tremolo

I assume you will keep the tailpiece and just want to replace the bridge. Unfortunately, I don't have a guitar available so I don't know what the dimensions of the original bridge are -- the critical measurements are: 1) post-to-post, and 2) string-spread.

If you get the tremolo version, I would recommend a roller-bridge with intonation adjusters like this:,_tailpieces/Electric_guitar,_Tune-o-matic_bridges/Locking_Roller_Bridge.html?tab=Details#details

I have been using these on the guitars I build -- never install tremolos of course.,_tailpieces/Electric_guitar,_Tune-o-matic_bridges/Gotoh_Tune-o-matic_Bridge.html

Maybe someone who has a Tele can post some dimensions of their guitar's bridge.

jim said...


thanks mark that helped alot. i appreciate it.

ive pretty much decided im going to buy the "jedson", so ill let you know how i get on :).

one more thing, how much do you think the (c) tele is worth? the one ive got my eye on is in good condition and all original.

thanks ;)

Mark Erlenmeyer said...

Jim, the ones I have watched on eBay sold between 50 and 100 GBP depending on condition.

If you discover one like this, it will cost significantly more (like in the 150 - 200 GBP or more:

Himashu shou said...

There is something about the Les paul electric guitars that just looks right to me. I cheap electric guitars for saledon’t know what t is but it just speaks rock’n’roll. An Al-2000 may be just right for you or maybe you want something a little more, with a few more bells and whistles so to speak.

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dan said...

hi. ive just bought jedson black lp for a tenner! i think this is a bargain, theres some bodywork issues but this can easily be repainted. the frets were almost completly flat, and ive successfully replaced these with the help of a few youtube vids. i do however have some technical issues, mainly to do with wiring. im a mechanic, and i have a sort of 'have a go' attitude, and im also reasonably good with electrics, but as i bought it with no pickups fitted i have new ones but cant work it out! i have a humbucker for the neck end and for the bridge i have a twin pickup with humbucker one side and magnet type(not sure what its called) on the other side. the guitar has 2 volume and 2 tone dials, and inbetween these there are 2 switches, but as its doesnt yet work i dont know what these do. the switches each have 6 terminals on the back, and i cant find any wiring diagrams to match this setup. if you could point me in the right direction i would be eternally grateful.

Mark Erlenmeyer said...

Hi Dan ... can you provide a photo? Two switches sounds like someone did a modification at some point.

Mark Erlenmeyer said...

Dan, if you can insert a link to a photo, that might work. Do you have it hosted somewhere already? like Flixter, etc

Mark Erlenmeyer said...

Like this:


Mark Erlenmeyer said...

Dan ... take it easy! I moderate all comments, so yours might not show up immediately.

Thanks for the photo. Those two switches were added. They were probably for phase-shift and coil-split circuits.

You might be able to use a diagram like this:

Wiring Diagram for 2 Humbuckers, 2 Vol, 2 Tone, switches