Jul 22, 2016

Dallas Dreadnought-Style Acoustic

I discovered photos of a Dallas branded acoustic guitar. It appears to be a dreadnought size and shape but hard to tell in the photos. 

It was made in Japan.
Uses the same truss rod cover as most Jedson and Terada acoustic guitars.
It seems to have most in common with the Jedson 9000 

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Anonymous said...

Compared to my Jedson 9000:
The headstock and truss rod cover are very similar.
Your guitar has closed tuners where mine has open ones.
Your guitar appears to have light coloured body binding, where mine is black.
It looks very similar in other respects. I could believe that it may have been made in the same Japanese factory.
I have no idea whether Jedson (J.E. Dallas) ever used a "Dallas" badge, but it seems possible. Hopefuly someone else can comment on this aspect.