Nov 1, 2007

Jedson Les Paul copy!

Beautiful Jedson Les Paul copy located. Thanks to Simon Edwards in the UK for the photos!

Several flame maple LP copies have also been located. Here's the most beautiful example:

Click here to see the entire gallery

Jedson SJ-200 (Gibson) copy

Beautiful Gibson Super Jumbo (SJ200) copy!
Images provided by owner, Henning, in the UK

Differences from the Gibson
--Slightly different bridge, although at least one model SJ-200 has this bridge
--Jedson has three-piece back

See the rest of the photos in the gallery

Oct 14, 2007

New Tor-tis Pickguard Installed

The second modification to my 1972 000 is complete: the replacement of the old black-plastic pickguard with a bright shiny new Tor-tis pickguard from Turtleworks (Sold by Maurey's Music)

Several photos of the pickguard and what I found under the old one can be found here

Oct 9, 2007

Bridge/Saddle Modification Complete

The bridge/saddle modifications to my 000 are complete. The improvement in brightness, depth and sustain is significant! This is a recommended modification for anyone who has a metal adjustable saddle holder on their acoustic.

Visit the gallery and see the photo-story about this mod.

Gibson L5-CES Copy found!

Our friend Peter Evans in the UK brought forward his fabulous and very rare Gibson L5-CES copy. Take a look at this beauty -- the only one we know about so far.

Jedson "L5" Gallery

Oct 1, 2007

Guitar Modifications

This thread can be used to discuss modifications to the guitars. Assuming the guitars will never be considered collectable some modifications significantly improve the performance of the guitars.

Take a look at the bridge/saddle modification I completed recently: