Jedson Instruments Overview

The Jedson brand was born in the late 1920s. Nearly all Jedson instruments were marketed in the UK. Please see the entire Jedson History article.

It appears that the only instruments directly manufactured by Jedson (J.E. Dallas & Sons) were Banjos. Guitars were generally marketed by two major manufacturers from the 1960 onward.

  • Terada - Acoustic Guitars
  • Teisco - Electric Guitars
Guitars manufactured in Japan during the late 60s and 70s were of fairly good quality because there was a significant effort to compete with Fender, Gibson, and Martin. 

Jedson is essentially the "Musicians' Friend", of the 1930s, being a store that sold virtually all types of musical instruments and accessories. There are parts of two Jedson/Dallas catalogs on this blogsite.

As with all of today's brands, there are entry-level/student models as well as finely finished professional player instruments. All of the Acoustic and Electric guitars appear to have been made in Japan by:

Overviews of specific instrument types

Acoustic Guitars

Electric Guitars