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Acoustic Instruments

Terada as established in Japan in 1912 and started making stringed instruments on a limited basis, but in the late 60s/early 70s, Terada was making guitars that were sold under a number of different brands. The production of guitars grew dramatically which drove the company to operate out of three manufacturing sites (Higashiku, Kanie, and Shirakawa.)

Of course, there were Terada-branded models which aligned very well with their Jedson counterparts.

Jedson-branded Terada-made guitars were marketed in the UK and were entry-to-mid range guitars. 
Morris-branded guitars were very similar to the Jedsons. Jagard and Thumb were higher-end guitars with much more intricate styling. Dallas-branded models are very rare and are very similar to Jedson Dreadnought.





Martin Coletti 


Teisco was a preeminent maker of electronic guitars and basses for many well-known brands. Teisco also made instruments for Jedson and Zenta. Jedson is the most common of these lesser-known brands.
All of the Jedson models were produced in the very late 60s through 1974 or so.