Aug 5, 2008

Jedson "Super-Strat"

A couple of Jedson "Super-Strat" guitars have been brought forward. They have three single-coil pickups and a full set of control options. These guitars are clearly (at least to me) made by Teisco in Japan during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Apr 15, 2008

Thin-line hollow archtop

I found this thin-line hollow archtop model and had it shipped from the UK to the USA. It literally came out of the closet after 35 years! It's in mint++ condition, almost as new. See the photo gallery for detailed photograph.

I'll do a full writeup, but here's what I found so far.

* The entire body is laminated -- looks like Maple
* The neck is made of some sort of strange laminated hardwoodlot of them!
* Bound body and neck -- not high quality binding
* Very dark stained rosewood fingerboard (almost as dark as
ebony) having small and low frets.
* There is no headstock angle -- there is a straight run from
the tuning pegs to the tremolo
* The only indication that Jedson (Dallas Arbiter) had anything
to do with this guitar is the badge on the headstock. The
badge is a glued on piece of thin metal with the Jedson
logo painted on -- very cheap
* Full wooden floating bridge -- compensated saddle and base.
Since the saddle is like new, I will see how it plays. I suspect
there will intonation issues and will probably replace it with a
tunomatic roller bridge.
* Dual P-90 style single-coil pickups.
* The pots/knobs are very stable and smooth turning -- a little
more pressure is required to turn these than on my other
electrics -- seems like high-quality electronics.
* The neck is pretty straight -- better be with all that laminated

More to come!

UPDATE: Since my original post, three additional samples were discovered. One was listed on eBay ad two other owners came forward and discussed theirs.