Dec 31, 2009


Apparently, little is known about Jedson guitars. This site is intended to be a place where information about the guitars can be combined for the benefit of anyone having an interest in them. They may not be collectable guitars; however they certainly are rare!

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It you have any information to share or if you are the owner of a Jedson guitar, we would love to hear from you! info@jedsonguitars

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Mark E

Nov 22, 2009

Acoustics are more loved ?

After watching the blog for a while and other activity going on about Jedsons, it seems pretty clear to me that the Jedson acoustic owners are the most passionate about their guitars.

May 8, 2009

Jedson Lap Steel sold on eBay

A lap steel like this one sold on eBay recently for 370 GBP. There were 15 bids. Obviously these are in high demand. Probably the most desirable Jedson instrument with the possible exception of banjos.

Apr 30, 2009

Jedson Drums

Did you know that Jedson (J.E. Dallas) was primarily a drum maker? Drums and Banjos were the first Jedson products and many collectors view these as much more collectable. Guitars seemed to be an afterthought,and that was right before the brand was discontinued and Dallas Arbiter fell apart. Of course, the lap steel is the most sought after Jedson instrument. Below is a Jedson snare drum that recently sold on eBay.