Jul 27, 2010

Jedson Acoustics in the USA

I am afraid to ask, but does anyone know of any Jedson acoustics that are available in the USA?  Shipping from the UK is pretty expensive.

Acoustics: solid or laminated

Calling all Jedson acoustic owners,

Can you please examine the back and sides of your guitars and try to determine whether yours has laminated wood or solid?  I believe, based on examination of my own, that these acoustics are made of solid wood from top to back. I am 100% sure that the tops are solid spruce.

Apparently, all of the Jedson (and other Terada-made) guitars of the period have laminate sides and back. The higher-end models have solid tops. A few models (mainly early ones or cheaper) have laminated tops. From what I have seen, the T1000 is a cheaper version of the F907. The T1000 has a laminated top versus the solid top on the F907.

Jul 12, 2010

Value going up ?

I just received a couple of Jedson catalogs on CD from a fellow on eBay.  The Jedson name was in use as far back as 1930!  I think this will help boost the "vintageness" of the Jedson brand.

I asked the provider of the catalog information if I can post some of the content on the blog and/or the jedsonguitars.net website. If I get an approval, I will post the interesting content.

I can tell you that one acoustic guitar model looks just like my F907 except that it has a tailpiece. I suspect that Jedson made the guitars in house back in the 30's but outsourced the manufacture around the time Dallas merged with Arbiter. Outsourced to Japanese guitar makers obviously.

As you might see from the recent posts under the "Post here if you have a Jedson Acoustic" topic, Ian and I have concluded that several of the 70's Jedson acoustics models were made by Yamaki in Japan.