Aug 4, 2014

Interesting Dreadnought Model

Someone recently send me an email asking if I knew the model number of their Jedson acoustic because there was no model number printed on the label and the guitar didn't quite match up with any of the others we know about. Here are some photos and things I noticed that are unique about it.

From this distance, it looks like a 9000

Deep Mahogany Body

One-piece Back (laminated)

Badge Attached With Pins

No Model Number on Label

This might be similar to the W130, but I can't be sure because I only have a little information on the W130.

Jedson Guitar Specifications

Hi folks,

I would like to build a table of specifications for the various Jedson guitar models, particularly the acoustic guitars.  I can provide details for the F907, but would love to have specs for the various Dreadnought and 12-string guitars.

Some of the specs I would like to show are:

     Back and sides material (assume laminated.) Most are  Mahogany or Rosewood.)
     Top material (laminated or solid).  Most appear to be sitka spruce.
     Neck material (most are Mahogany.)
     Fingerboard material (most are E. Indian Rosewood.)
     Logo (inlay, printed, mounted badge etc.)
      Model number printed on label
      Serial number if it exists (inside guitar on neck block in most cases.)
      Overall length
      Depth at neck
      Depth at heel
      Width at upper bout
      Width at waist
      Width at lower bout
       Diameter of sound hole
       Width of fingerboard at 12th fret
       Width of fingerboard at nut
       Type of tuners (open or closed)

And anything else you think is unique and you want to share.