F907 (TR1000) Orchestra Guitar

The F907 is designed after the Martin 000 14-Fret. It has the same specifications.

The Martin has a completely solid wood construction. The Jedson has a solid Spruce top and laminated rosewood sides and back. There are many patterns and shades of  rosewood laminate. Some are flatsawn and others quartersawn. Examples of some of the backs are shown.

Jedson F907 and TR1000 have counterparts in other brands made by Terada.

There is the Terada-branded TR1000 that is identical to the two Jedson models. Terada T700 is an orchestra model with a laminated Mohagany sides/back, dot inlays, and a standard bridge. The Morris W-20 is similar to the Terada T700 but has a laminated rosewood back like the two Jedson versions.

You can view a large gallery of photos of this model at PBase