Thin Body Archtop

No known model number. This is a hollow thin archtop model -- not a semi-hollow. It has a laminated Maple top, sides and back. Teisco single-coil pickups. The Jedson logo on the headstock is a sticker.

The guitar pictured here belonged to the Blog owner. It was shipped from Scotland to the USA. Upon arrival, it had several playability issues related to the design. The primary concern was excessive action at the neck pickup. The neck was removed and shimmed to increase the neck angle with the body. The neck had an unusual laminated construction -- see pictures below. Although there was a truss rod, the neck wouldn't bend even if an elephant sat on it :-)

The guitar was in immaculate condition with little signs of use. Unfortunately, it had to be sold in order to fund another project.

The guitar was sold for about $250 USD which is significantly less than what it is worth.